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This boy is super sweet. And I’m not going to lie, I cried when he danced with the princesses, around 8:24.
This is true Disney Magic.

Bawled like a baby. Totally lost it I was so overwhelmed by the magic.

THIS is what makes being a Cast Member so special! Not free entrance to the parks, not being able to brag about your job, not your discounts, THIS: the absolute magic and amazement guests have. This is the sweetest, most precious interaction with a very special guest and his family. He must have been FLYING and I’m sure his family is so grateful. What a lovely prince and bunch of sweet princesses.

I started crying not even a minute into the video. this is why I know I could never ever be a face character, I wouldn’t be able to hold in my emotions.

i thought he was just in awe at first, and then i saw the guide dog and then i suddenly understood. this is fantastic and is worth the 13 minutes.

I made the mistake of watching this right now and now I’m crying and I’m sad and happy all at the same time.

I highly encourage everyone to check out Tommy’s youtube channel and read about what an amazing person he is.

I wish he would come and visit Disneyland.

Oh my God, my dear heart shook the entire time. Prince Tommy is beautiful, and absolutely charming.

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